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You may be aware of some of what is covered by the TAC, however you may not be aware that this extends beyond Ballarat car accidents to also cover bicycles, trucks, trains, motorbikes and even pedestrian, and in many VIC accidents you are entitled to compensation whether a pedestrian, passenger or driver.

Available Compensation

Different categories of compensation can be claimed in a Ballarat car accident including the most common – medical expenses.

TAC compensation includes the cost of transport to hospital from the scene of an accident, and between hospitals. Coverage also includes treatment in hospitals of different types (public, private etc.) as well as visits to a specialist doctor or family doctor. Also covered among the medical services included in TAC compensation include such items as medicines prescribed by a doctor and provided by a pharmacist, specialist therapy services such as physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathic and psychological services, and dental services if your teeth were damaged in the accident and need to be restored. Compensation also includes nursing services (for example necessary visits after a hospital discharge) and for the replacement of aids (e.g. glasses, hearing aids) damaged in an accident.

Secondly, along with medical expenses, TAC compensation includes some income benefits if your Ballarat car accident means that you cannot return to work. Temporary income support is often paid out in these circumstances, as well as return to work programs and disability and rehabilitation services necessitated by your accident. Earning capacity benefit may be paid if your accident means that you are unable to return to work due to your accident.

If your treatment involves travel, then the TAC will reimburse reasonable costs incurred in travelling to and from treatment and for some students for school-related travel, whether this is in a private car, public transport, or rarely, by taxi.

If an accident has affected your ability to do household chores and tasks, then TAC compensation may be able to pay for someone to support you at home for some tasks. This can cover various tasks such as cleaning, vacuuming and gardening, although help may be for a limited period.

If childcare was your responsibility prior to your accident, then help may be available to provide for a carer to look after children while you are receiving treatment for your injuries.

If you have been injured in a road accident in Victoria and would like to know what you can claim, contact our Ballarat car accident solicitors for free information, advice and No Win No Fee representation.

In the unfortunate case of a death through an accident, the TAC may be able to help with the cost of cremation or burial expenses, counselling services and financial support for dependents, according to the needs of the family in the situation.

Your Fault?

In most VIC cases you will be able to claim for some benefits through the TAC compensation scheme, even if the accident was your fault. These benefits and entitlements are known as “No-Fault” benefits, and typically refer to medical expenses, compensation for injuries and loss of wages incurred. Therefore it is important to claim even if the accident was your fault.

If the Ballarat car accident was not your fault, you may be entitled to claim what is known as Common Law compensation. If the accident was your fault then you will not be able to make this claim. Common law compensation covers a number of areas, including damages for pain, suffering and loss of earnings.

TAC Aplication

Claims resulting from a Ballarat car accident must be lodged with the TAC in most cases within 12 months of the accident, although special circumstances will sometimes allow a VIC claim within 3 years.

Time Limits

There are a number of different time limits within the TAC compensation scheme that you need to be aware of.

The first time limit concerns your right to appeal if the TAC does not rule in your favour. In these cases you have 12 months from the date of the decision to challenge the decision of the TAC. It may also be helpful in such a situation to consult a lawyer for professional assistance.

There is also a 6 year limit if you find that you have suffered a permanent injury as a result of the accident, and you must make such a claim within 6 years of the accident. This 6 year limit also applies to Common law compensation. The limits in place are rarely extended for special cases, therefore it is important to be prompt in your applications.

TAC Legal Help

As with many other similar situations, dealing with the TAC is not unlike dealing with an insurer, who may not always have your best interests at heart. Therefore retaining the advice and services of a solicitor will most likely be helpful in making sure that your claim to the TAC is handled in the best possible way, using their professional skill in navigating the complicated law with regards to the TAC as well making sure that you are kept aware of your legal entitlements and time limitations.

As previously mentioned, the help of a personal injury solicitor may be invaluable should you need to challenge the validity of a TAC decision that does not go in your favour.

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