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Our specialist personal injury solicitors deal with traumatic brain injury compensation claims as a result of a motor accident. Traumatic brain injury compensation claims are dealt with on a no win no fee basis which means that your brain injury solicitor only gets paid if you win your case. You will not be asked to fund the claims process. Our goal is to ensure that accident victims and their loved ones receive the financial compensation they deserve. Our solicitors guarantee that damages awarded will be paid directly to the claimant with absolutely no deductions - you will receive the full 100%.

Open or Closed Head Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when the head is hit, knocked or shaken hard enough to cause the brain to move within the skull. In some cases, the skull fractures which can cause injury to the brain. The most common cause of a TBI is a motor accident. A TBI is classified either as an open head injury, where an object has penetrated the skull and left a visible wound, or as a closed head injury where there is no visible injury. Closed head injuries are caused by impact or rapid changes in acceleration. Typically undetectable to the eye, closed head injuries can often go undiagnosed despite their severity. In either case, the term TBI refers to an injury sustained as a result of an outside force and does not include degenerative or congenital brain injury, nor does it include brain injuries sustained at birth.

Symptoms of TBI

A TBI can cause both immediate and long-term effects. Though symptoms should lessen as the brain heals, some symptoms actually worsen if a patient is unable to physically or psychologically adapt to the brain injury. The effects of the injury may affect the patient's family to an equal or greater extent causing extreme stress in interpersonal relationships.

Because of the brain’s complexity, the effects of a TBI can appear in any variety of ways. Symptoms may include :-

  • headaches, numbness and tingling
  • confusion or slowed thought processing speed
  • changes in hearing or vision
  • partial or complete paralysis
  • problems with concentration, motivation, attention and/or memory
  • emotional problems such as irritability, frustration, outbursts and depression
  • sleep problems including insomnia, excessive sleepiness, tiredness and fatigue
  • loss of muscular control, unstable balance or seizures
  • difficulties talking or forming sentences
  • problems with reading or writing
  • changes in mood or personality

Compensation for TBI

Traumatic brain injury compensation claims can be complex due to the number of factors to consider and the work involved in determining which of the symptoms is due to the injury. Though the money recovered will never make up for the loss of faculties and independence of an individual affected by a TBI, it can ease the stress and financial burden, allowing the injured person and their family to concentrate on rehabilitation. The advice of a traumatic brain injury solicitor helps the victim and their loved ones obtain the much needed financial support to which they are entitled by law.

Brain Injury Solicitors

If you would like to talk with a TBI specialist solicitor about traumatic brain injury compensation claims without any charge or further obligation to use our services, simply submit the contact form, email our offices or use helpline. Our solicitors are committed to serving TBI victims and their families. You can be assured that there will be no fees or expenses to pay and no payment will be required for obtaining medical reports or any other documents pertinent to your case.

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