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Our passenger accident solicitors provide legal representation for clients throughout Australia. We specialise in personal injury claims and use the no win no fee scheme for passenger accident compensation claims. Under a no win no fee arrangement, your solicitor receives no compensation unless your claim is successful. You will not be required to cover any out of pocket expenses. Our solicitors do not ask our clients to fund or finance a passenger accident compensation claim as it proceeds and damages received are paid in full with no deductions.

Drivers Liability

Victims of car accidents may suffer severe physical injuries and psychological trauma as a result of a collision. Passengers in a motor vehicle who are injured are in a very strong legal position to make a solicitors claim for compensation. It does not matter which driver was at fault. An innocent passenger in any vehicle can bring a claim against either driver. Injuries also sometimes occur on public transport including buses, which can often be subject to a passenger accident compensation claim.

Preserving Evidence

It is critical in a passenger accident compensation claim that expert legal advice is obtained as soon as possible to ensure that important evidence is preserved. The facts of a case can be distorted due to the memories of witnesses fading over time. Witness statements need to be obtained as soon as possible after the accident. Further more there is a time limit for bringing a claim and you must act quickly to preserve your legal rights.

Award of Damages

Passenger accident compensation claims give rise to two main categories of damages :-

  1. The first category compensates the victim for material losses, typically items whose value can be easily estimated and confirmed, including lost wages, loss of future wages or income, property damage, medical costs, legal fees and other miscellaneous expenses that result from the accident.

  2. The second category compensates victims for those losses that are more subjective in nature. These include pain and suffering for physical and mental trauma and detrimental change of lifestyle. These awards are determined and assessed by judges who base their decisions on awards given in previous cases.

Passenger Accident Solicitors

If you have suffered injury and would like to discuss your potential case with a passenger accident compensation claim solicitor you can speak with one of our lawyers at no charge or and with no further obligations. Simply complete the contact form or email our offices or use the helpline and an experienced solicitor from your area will speak you as soon as possible. You will not pay anything regardless of the case’s final outcome and 100% of your compensation will be paid. Win or lose there is no charge.

LAWYER HELPLINE: 1800 224 077