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Car accident compensation claims can be complex issues which is why you probably need to be represented by a motor accident claim lawyer for all but the most minor injuries. To succeed you must show that the other party was at fault and that their negligent behaviour caused the accident. Your motor accident lawyer will need evidence including witness statements, medical reports, medical records and police reports. You must either settle your claim within three years of the incident or issue proceedings in a court of law within three years of the incident, in order to ensure that your claim is not blocked by the time limits set out in limitation statutes.

Personal Injury Claims

The claims process begins with your motor accident lawyer obtaining all the information that is to be used as evidence including reports from investigating police officers, treatment and attendance records from medical facilities, witness statements and reports from medical specialists outlining prognosis & estimated recovery time. Your motor accident lawyer will also need a detailed statement from you explaining the circumstances surrounding the accident. You should ensure that you keep written records of all the accident details.

Award of Damages

As soon as your motor accident claim lawyer has all of the relevant information it should be possible to make an assessment of the damages. This means that your solicitor will make a determination of the value for your lost income, damage to your vehicle, hire car charges, insurance policy excess and any other general expenses. At this point your solicitor will also estimate the award of compensation to which you are entitled for your pain and suffering.

Agreed Settlement

Once damages have been assessed, your solicitor will attempt to settle the claim by coming to an agreement with the insurers of the third party. If, however, liability or the amount of the claim cannot be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties, then a summons will be issued in court on your behalf after which the court will make a final determination on liability and compensation.

Motor Accident Lawyer

If you would like to speak with a motor accident lawyer who specialises personal injury compensation claims, with no charge and no further obligation, just complete the contact form or email our offices or use the helpline. All of the solicitors work hard to ensure that victims of car accidents and their families receive the financial support they deserve. Bringing your claim is risk-free because we use a no win no fee payment scheme. You pay absolutely nothing, regardless of the outcome of your case and you will receive your full compensation with no deductions.

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