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Our specialist personal injury solicitors deal with cycle accident compensation claims using the no win no fee scheme. That means you will receive legal representation from a highly trained specialist without being asked to fund your claim. Our solicitors are committing to obtaining the financial support that accident victims and their loved ones deserve. We guarantee that damages in a cycle accident compensation claim will be paid 100% in full, with absolutely no deductions.

Collision Injuries

Cyclists are vulnerable and operate in an environment where any accident, whether it involves a motor vehicle, poor signage or roads in need of maintenance can lead to serious injuries. Collisions can occur with another vehicle in a busy intersection, as a vehicle attempts to overtake the cyclist from behind or as the driver of a parked car opens the vehicle’s door into the cyclist’s path.

In any of these situations, the cyclist involved in the accident has the legal right to make a solicitors cycle accident compensation claim. When the accident is caused by the recklessness or negligence of the driver of a motor vehicle, the cyclist is entitled to financial compensation to cover pain and suffering, the cost of damaged personal property and the loss of income that may result from any physical or psychological injuries.

Importance of Working with a Legal Specialist

Working with a personal injury solicitor ensures that you have solid legal advice and support throughout the cycle accident compensation claim process. A specialist solicitor can take into account both immediate and future problems that may occur, assess damage to clothing accessories and equipment, compile the medical reports related to the claims and help calculate the costs and financial losses associated with the accident. The solicitor also collects evidence which may include photographs and statements from witnesses, obtains the reports of relevant experts, represents the claims in court and will be able to liaise with the insurance companies on behalf of the victim.

Cycle Accident Solicitor

To determine if you may have a viable cycle accident compensation claim, simply submit the contact form, email our solicitors offices or use the helpline. Our solicitors are committed to serving bicycle accident victims and their families. You can contact us knowing that with our no win no fee system, there will be no fees or expenses to pay and no payment will be required for accessing medical reports or any other documents pertinent to your case. Our no win no fee service is provided with your interests, rights and compensation in mind.

LAWYER HELPLINE: 1800 224 077